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UK Focused Business Development Consultant

Property Investment, Funding and Financial Solutions
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World Wide Event Producer, Stage Manager

TV and Video Production
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Acquisitions, Mergers, B2B Development,

Property Acquisitions, Sales and Marketing
Welcome to COLESTEVENS.com
Modular Construction of Film & TV Studios,

Car Parks and Temporary Buildings.


A senior executive with over 30 years experience within business development, private equity, sourcing investment for commercial property to delivering banking software, property development, mobile applications and payment systems.

Cole Stevens has worked in the UK and Europe helping clients to grow their business, establishing new channels and forming relationships with global brands. A business development consultant backed by a highly skilled team of professionals who are proud to deliver clear results for clients that require an alternative and innovative approach to existing methods.

Assisting clients through a vast range of areas not restricted to retail tactics, in-store layouts, business plans and strategies, networking, B2B development, sales consultancy, exhibition support, online design, search engine optimisation and implementing advanced technology for improved efficiency and communication.


Take the next step to grow your business beyond its current status, from franchise to finance and everything in between.

A team of experienced, professional consultants are available to identify challenges and determine relevant solutions from assisting the alignment of your company with other similar businesses, as a powerful way for you to expand quickly or introducing ways to help you to diversify, by recommending new products or services as an excellent growth strategy.


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I’ve been helping entrepreneurs to grow their client base for more than twenty years, from SME’s to multi-million pound enterprises that have benefitted from investment or services to attract buyers or to establish an initial public offering. My dedicated team and I have increased company valuations and identified opportunities with senior executives across an array of industries with a number of businesses including but not limited to: