Deliver a unique franchise system, wholesale and online sales for off-license premises. 


Venue: Unwins Wine Group

Duration: 10 months

Value: TBC

Date: March – December 2005


An experienced business development manager working with Deveraux Montagu and Orchard Law to establish a new and unique franchise system with the recently acquired Unwins Wine Group. Strategic thinking, along with a passion for SME’s helped to deliver a system where existing managers could take over the off-license where they have worked for a number of years, effectively moving from shop keeper to business owner overnight with an established brand, proven location, stock and wholesale supplier; Unwins. The launch was a success with more than 50 store managers signed up to take future ownership of their stores.



An on-site wholesale store was created at Dartford head office with daily collections available and online orders and sales made available by an up to date e-commence website with celebrity sponsors, wine delivery and personalised labelling. 




I’ve worked in sales and marketing for decades now and I am an avid believer in the power of inbound sales for SME’s. I’ve always had this entrepreneurial spirit and particularly enjoy working with founders, owners and CEOs. It’s a pleasure to have a direct impact on business growth through creation of effective sales strategies for my clients. The amount of increased revenue, new business relationships and employment opportunities accrued as a result of my work is not only extremely satisfying but also a source of motivation to continue delivering more of the same.


As a business development consultant with excellent interpersonal skills, responsible for working with clients to understand their investment goals, while monitoring investment markets and client portfolios, managing and preparing for risk, and making adjustments to investment strategies. A successful team from Vestis Consultancy Group are on hand and can be highly analytical with a collaborative thought process for strategy, while possessing good client-facing skills as well as good written and verbal communication.


  • Working with clients to identify their unique investment goals.
  • Formulating investment strategies based on client goals.
  • Issuing client documents, including monthly or yearly portfolio reports.
  • Managing client documents for reporting.
  • Analysing various markets and conducting research.
  • Communicating openly, consistently, and honestly with clients and always keeping them informed about changes in strategy.
  • 10+ years’ experience in a finance position.
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Confident decision-making abilities.
  • Analytical mind with good problem-solving skills.