Temporary Car Park Solutions made from Steel and GRP


Venue: Liverpool Waterfront Car Park
Duration: 4 months
Value: £7.8m


Design, build and install the Worlds’ largest, multi-storey temporary car park system. Working with TSG and Sysdex throughout their partnership to deliver a purpose built GRP and steel temporary car parking system with the unique ‘truck to truss’ modular capability, enabling improved build speed and off-site manufacture for minimal disruption to the existing site. The light-weight GRP system offered minimal ground works, 15.6m clear span, off-site manufacturing for speedy installation. Alternative money saving options were also available and sold to Liverpool City Council and private commercial organisations.


Historically from March 2018…
Modular construction involves producing standard components of a structure in an off-site factory (off-site construction), then assembling the prefabricated components on-site. This method can cover a range of different systems, from single steel elements that are bolted together using standard connections to form the sub-structure of a modular car park or three-dimensional units pre-fitted with full fixtures to create homes, offices, film studios, workshops or temporary work units.


A new wave of investment, and several factors suggest that the design of modules with optimised logistics and improved visual appeal of prefab structures is increasing in popularity as many business leaders see the benefits of modular construction and realising it may be time to think outside the box.

Supplying temporary structures and working with Car Park Construction companies I have gained years of valuable experience in design, layout and the construction of modular buildings. Experiencing multi-million pound negotiations with Airports, NHS trusts, Sporting Arenas and Publicly owned organisations to design, plan and deliver modular constructed car parks. Offering temporary car parks, planning and design of more permanent steel and concrete car park construction, installation of modular decking, temporary deck, production floors with hands on delivery and installation of large temporary buildings, canopy’s, insulated warehouse buildings, temporary workshops, semi-permanent show room buildings and various modular office buildings too.