Launching a brand with new food type and flagship restaurant site in South East London


Venue: Previously Pizza Hut, Orpington

Duration: 6 months

Value: £150,000

Date: 2007 -2008 


Working with a local consortium of restauranteurs to introduce a new food type to the local area. Meze’ a variety of small dishes that can be served as an appetiser or as an entire meal, the range of ‘small plates’ offers a versatility only ever seen before as Spanish Tapas. The concept proved popular enough to convert and out dated Pizza Hut restaurant with 42 covers into a new and vibrant restaurant capable of seating over 80 diners.  A dedicated take-away restaurant was proposed with buffet style similar to that of Subway with a goal to launch a new, fast food Mezze meal option across the south east. 


Developing a restaurant brand and flagship store.

The right intentions are required when forming any new business, but never more so than with starting a restaurant, most restaurant owners I know see it as a choice of life style rather than a way to make money, some go on to make a very good living, however in such a competitive industry you will need to be prepared to work hard and get your ingredients in order to be a successful restauranteur. 

A single unit is one thing but creating a brand that matters is not a simple task. Your brand is one of the most valuable aspects of your business and you need to ensure that you and your staff always stay true to your vision, values, and purpose. As freelance business development consultant for the hospitality industry I can help to deliver your experience with point of sale, branding, project mobilisation, design, layout, planning, suppliers, menus and creativity, while implementing operational systems for financial reports, front of house and service controls for your restaurant, bar or venue. 


Working with my team at Vestis Consultancy Group we aim to improve productivity and inevitably profit for your hospitality business. 

Assisting you with a clear vision or concept for your restaurant, a mission statement or vision, your competition, developing a tone or brand voice with design, logos, merchandise, member options, event planning and constantly trying new ideas to evolve and adapt with the trends.