Ecommerce: Online Off-license
Duration: 8 weeks
Value: £45,000

Phillips Newman Online a ground breaking categorisation was applied to the luxury brand of fine wines to drive sales by taste; Bright, Smooth, Rounded, Fruity, Mellow, Chunky, Sparkle, Spirited and Brews not only helped to divide the store into sections but enabled an online search, style, shop by taste and match to your menu, today many competitors have adopted a similar approach to wine sales.  

Business Development: 
The first step is to get passing trade through the door, but your campaign should go further, you should maximise consumer spending with an effective shelving strategy to increase sales and customer retention, plus eye catching product displays for manufacturers who would like to sell their products in your store. The use of power shelves, 
Accompany your retail store with a functional online presence, using the latest techniques to develop ground breaking ideas, with flexible technology that can empower your local connections and sell Worldwide. Watch your sales dramatically increase with practical apps, useful websites and games to drive new customers, special offers or membership clubs with monthly subscriptions.


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